When it Comes to Auto Repair, Sun City Auto in Orillia Has The Answer

At Sun City Auto we’re always here to help you understand issues that are affecting your car. Look below to see some of the more common questions that we encounter when dealing with customers’ vehicles. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.


How often should my oil be changed?

I recommend every 5,000 km or follow manufacturers directions you can always call us and we can help.


How often should my brakes be checked and service?

They should be checked yearly. Signs that your vehicle may require brake repair is noise like squeaks, pulling left or right when braking, and brake pedal pulsation. If you are concerned call us or stop by; we offer free brake inspection.


Can you diagnosis my issues over the phone?

It’s always better to have an inspection to understand and see what the issue is to give a proper diagnosis and proper quote.


Do you give free auto inspections?

Yes, bring in your automobile and we will always be here to give you an honest opinion before we do any work.

Here are our some of the Auto Repair & Maintenence Services we Offer: