Fast, Effective Auto Repair at Sun City Auto, Orillia

We can fix all types of problems at Sun City Auto. Whether you’ve got a leaky exhaust or stiff brakes, we can help with expert repairs. We have fixes for even the most complex problems such as broken drive shafts or constant velocity joints. Weird noises coming from the engine? Don’t worry; we have a fix for that too and can get you back on the road in the same day. We offer manufacturer’s warranties on all parts we use and provide a 30-day labour warranty too!

Full-Service Mechanic, Orillia

We provide full-service mechanical services as well as computerized engine diagnostics. We can get to the root of your problem quickly with repairs that last. Look below to see some of the services that we provide:

So if your truck or car is in need of repair, come to Sun City Auto, the trusted name in auto repair and maintenance in Orillia.

Here are our some of the Auto Repair & Maintenence Services we Offer: